The Snow Signature

Das Briefgeheimnis sowie das Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnis sind unverletzlich.
Grundgesetz, Artikel 10, Absatz 1

You probably have been referred to this web site by an email signature which contained some "snow".

These "Snow Signatures" are part of a campaign to defend our privacy.

After the terror attacks on 11 Sep 2001, several governments published plans to control people's communication on the Internet by restricting strong encryption. Many people are willing to accept these restrictions of their privacy for the sake of a better defense against terrorism.

The Snow Signature campaign shall demonstrate two things: (1) People do care about their privacy, and (2) it does not help against terrorism to restrict encryption.

If you are interested in this campaign, please read our list of frequently asked questions, and be invited to download our software. We also have an incomplete list of sites related to privacy.

Thanks for your attention!

Peter Gerwinski, 18 Oct 2001